Disgruntled Owl Was Trapped In The Middle Of A Pond, When A Man Showed Up To Help, Everyone Was Amazed At What Happened Next

August 23, 2017

One thing that is true of both the human race and the animal kingdom is that we all need a helping hand sometimes. When people are willing to help their fellow man, it is so heartwarming and encouraging to see. Same goes for when we are able to witness animals selflessly caring for one another, no matter how different they seem to be from each other.

It is when the animal kingdom and the human race cross paths, however, that a helping hand takes on truly beautiful and unique form. This is exactly what happened at the Lost Creek Country Club one afternoon when one brave man decided to step in and bridge the gap between animals and humans. While out on the golf course one afternoon, some patrons noticed a beautiful owl perched on a small tree stump in the middle of one of the ponds.

Many stopped and stared at the majestic bird but they soon noticed that something was wrong. The owl had not moved for a very long time and, when people looked closer, they saw that the owl's wing was tangled in a fishing line. The owl could not open his wings to fly so he was trapped out in the middle of the water.

People called for help and soon one of the course attendants, Craig Loving, arrived to see what he could do. Craig was not experienced with animal rescue but he could not just leave the owl out in the pond to suffer so he devised a plan and set out to help the stranded bird.

Craig waded out into the water and approached the owl, cautiously. The owl immediately turned its head to keep an eye on the intruder. Craig slowly took out a pair of clippers and cut the fishing line and proceeded to untangle the owl's wing from the excess line. The owl nipped at Craig's hand in protest but soon realized that Craig was trying to help.

Craig worked tirelessly to remove all of the fishing line and, finally, the owl's wing was free. The owl still seemed reluctant to fly away so Craig came up with an idea to help it along. Craig went and got a shovel and extended the wooden handle towards the bird so it would have a perch to stand on. Amazingly, the bird stepped off of its stump and onto the shovel handle, seemingly trusting Craig to carry him away.

Craig made his way out of the water and onto the shore, carefully holding the shovel, with the bird, out in front of him. Craig set the shovel down on the ground gently and the owl hopped onto dry land. The owl turned and simply stared at Craig as though he was amazed that the man had stopped to rescue him. After a few moments, with a little encouragement from Craig, the owl flew off to freedom and Craig returned to work with a smile on his face. Watch the video below to see the entire rescue!

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