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Disturbing And Utter Chaos Captured In Harbor After Storm. The Footage Will Make You Squirm In Terror

March 08, 2018

After an intense storm at St. John's River in Volusia County, Florida, residents arrived at their boats and homes nearly flooded and ruined. While storms in the area are common, what happened following this specific storm has never been seen before.

Maria and her husband, Scott, were cleaning out debris from the boat the day after the storm. Thankfully, their boat was still floating and intact, but they had several inches of water inside the boat.

Scott grabbed a bucket and began filling it with water. After his first full bucket of stormwater, he casually tossed it out and over the side.

What happened next sent Maria and Scott into a frantic panic.

Now, Scott and Maria knew this harbor like the back of their hand. They had spent the weekend after weekend at the St. John’s River for the past several years and they had never seen anything like what they witnessed this day.

Terrified, they looked at each other. Scott was curious if what they saw would make another appearance. With a little apprehension, he tossed over another pitcher of water out into the harbor.

Again, chaos broke across the surface of the water! Then, after only seconds of the extreme disturbance, everything settled again… it was very odd.

Knowing that friends and family wouldn’t believe their story, Maria began recording on her phone. By this time, Scott was entertained; he’d never seen anything so bizarre in his life! Were alligators making the mess of water? Or possibly piranhas?

Later, it was learned that creatures responsible for craziness were manatees. While they’re relatively safe creatures, this footage will make you think twice about ever disturbing them again. Take a look for yourself at their reaction to water being tossed out; it’s something else!


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