Diva Paula Kitty Dean Proves To The World That Just Because A Cat Is Sick Does Not Mean It Can't Love And Be Loved

October 25, 2017

When Tracy Brand went to Austin Pets Alive in search of a cat, she had no idea she would be bringing home a diva kitty that would change her life. As she visited the cat section, she did not feel a connection with any of them. That is when an adoption counselor suggested that she check out the Feline Leukemia Ward.

Cats with Feline Leukemia, also known as FeLV, are often written-off as unadoptable, and many rescue organization even euthanize them. There are some rescues, however, that see the value in these unwanted felines.

The main issue with the disease is that it causes cats to become more susceptible to illnesses, and they have a shorter lifespan than cats without FeLV. While highly-contagious to other cats, humans cannot contract FeLV, and it poses no danger to them. With the right person, a cat with FeLV can still live a happy and fulfilling life!

Tracy felt a connection, right away, with one cat in particular named Paula Kitty Dean. The diva kitty shoved her way into Tracy’s lap and hissed at the others if they tried to get any attention. The sweet girl was also very affectionate and vocal towards her potential-momma. Tracy found out that Paula Kitty Dean had already been at the shelter for three years, so she wanted to take this girl home right away.

Paula Kitty Dean had waited a long time to go to her fur-ever home, but it was the purr-fect life for her once she arrived! There are many cats in this same situation who are unloved and lonely due to their conditions. It doesn't have to be this way. Cats with FeLV can still enrich our lives and bring us joy! Tracy's life was so greatly enhanced by her new furry companion that she adopted a fur-brother, who also has FeLV, for her little miss diva kitty.

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