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Diver Carries Camera To Ocean Floor And Discovers Shocking Dark Creature With ‘Colorful Disco Ball Head.’ The Footage Will Leave You Breathless

April 11, 2018

The ocean is a vast mystery. Covering more than 71% of the Earth’s surface, only a small 5% of the ocean has been discovered. That means more than half of the world is still untouched and undiscovered by humans.

The ocean has a way of inviting the world to discover it. Each time ambitious explorers dive lower and lower into the Earth’s oceans, they find something more shocking (and sometimes more frightening) than they ever could have imagined.

When one diver took a trip below the surface, he carried his underwater- camera in hopes of recording his discoveries. What he found was so much more shocking.

As the diver was recording his venture, he and a team went deep into the ocean. That’s WHEN they saw it. A unique “thing” began coming in their direction. The thing looked to be black in color and resembled some sort of an emblem rather than an animal.

The divers described it to look like a “flubbery alien.” As they began to follow the object, it swam away from them. They continued swimming after it, not expecting much to change. That’s why the unthinkable happened!

The create shifted its shape and went from a 2-dimensional object to an active 3-dimensional object that resembles what can only be described as an “alien octopus with a disco-ball head.” The “disco-ball head” portion of the animal began changing colors! From purple to pink, to yellow, the colors were bright and vibrant, almost as though they were battery operated!

The divers couldn’t believe their eyes! They had hoped to discover something new but they never in their wildest dreams expected to find something so bizarre!

The creature hasn’t been scientifically named, and no one has reported to ever encounter anything like it before. Many are wondering if it’s even of this world!

Check out the video of the create below! Have you ever seen anything like this? Do you think the creature is of this world or do you think it’s an alien? Let us know in the comment section on Facebook!


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