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Dizzy Lou’s Leg Had To Be Amputated After She Was Abandoned. She Never Let It Hold Her Back

November 20, 2017

Dizzy Lou is a gorgeous red-and-white Jack Russell Terrier who lives with her adoring family. This pup loves to play fetch with her family, racing after the ball as fast as her three little legs will carry her. She also absolutely loves to swim! In her eyes, it’s always a fun day if she gets to dive into the local stream and splash around.

As you probably guessed from the fact that she has three legs, the start of Dizzy Lou’s life wasn’t as great as it is now. In fact, the true tale of everything that she endured is enough to break your heart. Luckily for her, she was able to overcome it all.

Dizzy Lou’s life began as a family pet for someone who seemed to care for her, and everything looked great. As time passed, though, her owner grew tired of caring for her. They no longer wanted to spend the time feeding her or walking her and only viewed her as a pest, something that was in the way and that they wanted gone.

They drove Dizzy Lou into the woods and abandoned her. They no longer cared whether she lived or died, and they left her to fend for herself. And fend for herself she did. She scrounged for food, managing to keep herself alive with the little scraps of food and trash she found. She nestled up every night under a small brush, taking comfort in the leaves and moss that seemed to become a bed of sorts, although nothing like she’d once had. Things continued on like this for quite a while.

Rescuers weren’t entirely sure what happened, but by the time they found her, one of her hind legs was severely mangled. They rushed her to the veterinarian where she was finally safe from all she’d had to survive. Her leg, however, would not survive the ordeal and they had to amputate it.

After healing, it didn’t take long for Dizzy Lou to be adopted by her forever family! Now, this dog who once lived wild and free in the forests lives safe and comfortable in a loving home. She still enjoys the occasional visit to the woods she once called home but, of course, she always comes back home.

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