Doc Was Forced To Live Outside In The Arizona Desert Until His Owners Grew Tired Of Him. Now, He’s In A New Home Where He’s A Beloved Family Member

December 04, 2017

Doc is a beautiful Golden Retriever who lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his adoring family and canine sister, Princess. Doc is a beloved family member, and his bond with his human brother is one of the most beautiful things. They’re always near each other whenever they can be, and when the other dog, Cali, passed away, they took comfort in each other, lying down together at night.

Doc may be a member of a doting family nowadays, but it wasn’t always so for this handsome pup. Truthfully, the start of his life was actually quite sad. Where Doc is a member of a family now, he used to be kept outdoors, locked away from the people who were supposed to care for him always.

Doc’s first family kept him in the backyard ever since he was a young puppy. They didn’t want to deal with him chewing up things he shouldn’t, or pottying inside, so instead of teaching him, they decided to keep him outside. He stayed outside in the desert heat and the monsoon rains, waiting for the day he would finally get a chance to live the life every dog should.

When Doc was almost a year old, his owners took him to the veterinarian where they discovered that he suffered from a condition called Ectropion, which caused his lower eyelid to roll into his eye. It was fixable with surgery, but his owners didn’t want to pay for it - not when he loved to bark so much and was a ‘nuisance’ in their eyes.

Doc was surrendered to Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue where he would finally get the chance he deserved. It didn’t take long for him to be adopted by his perfect forever family, who quickly got him the surgery he needed. Since he was now an indoor dog, he no longer barked all the time, begging to be let inside!

Doc no longer has to spend his days outside, begging for a chance to be the family member he always wanted to be. Now, he spends his days playing with his human brother and curling up on their beds at night. On hot summer days, he loves to splash in the pool with them, and live the life he always wanted.

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