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Doctors Breaks Silence After Prince Philip’s Hip Surgery, Confirming What We’d Thought All Along

April 10, 2018

It’s human nature for us to assume we’re immortal. This seems to be the thought for many, particularly the younger generation.

We often live as though we hadn’t a care in the world, leaving no room in our minds to consider the inevitable end we all will face at one point or another. The moments this reality hits hardest is when an accident occurs. At that moment, your priorities alter a bit, steering your main concern toward the afflicted one.

When a family member undergoes a traumatic event, such a surgery, there’s always cause for concern. Despite the advancements in the medical world, that seems not to fully comfort the family as they patiently await their loved one to be out of a procedure. Knowing their safe, sound, and on the fast track to recovery is all they have on their minds.

The British royal family definitely was on edge in recent times as 96-year-old Prince Philip underwent hip surgery. Age plays a factor in the way operations are done, and those near and dear, as well as everyone across the globe, waited patiently to hear the news that his surgery was a success.

The world sighed in relief as they publicly announced that all went as planned and he was on the fast track to recovery. One great concern of many was if he was past the age where he should be going under the knife for a major operation such as this. Highly skilled doctors have weighed in on the matter and put all our worries and questions to rest.

Many thought that, because Philip was over 90 years old, he was in danger going under the knife. According to doctors, this is a misconception of many. “Around 80,000 hip replacement operations are carried out in the U.K. each year, and around 750-800 of those are for patients in their 90’s. Although the average age is 68, those in their 90’s are an established and significant group; we would expect this age category to increase as the population ages.”

“An older patient might stay in [the] hospital a day or two longer - five days rather than three,” one doctor stated. This has been confirmed as the case with Prince Philip, causing many to think that there had been a complication during surgery that might have kept him hospitalized.

Despite any fears or reservations many may have had about his condition, he is reported to be doing quite well. Any surgery of this magnitude will certainly take a great deal of recovery time, but with the highly skilled medical staff surrounding the Prince, he’ll be kicking up his heels in no time at all.


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