Doctors Said She'd Never Walk Again, But Now 'Scooty' Is Known As The Happiest Dog On Earth!

July 13, 2017

Nothing makes me smile quite like a dog. While I no longer have a dog myself, I constantly find myself over at my friend's house, just to play with his lovable dogs. Most dogs are quick to return the affection they are shown from their humans, ten times over. Such is the case with a lovable dog named Scooty.

Scooty wasn't dealt the best of starts in life. Scooty was a stray dog in Mexico and at just six months old she was hit by a car, which caused her to lose the use of her back legs. Despite her injury, Scooty remained one of the happiest dogs anyone had ever seen. She was taken to an animal hospital where she was cared for.

Scooty was in need of a home but no one knew where to put her. One day, however, a woman showed up at the hospital that Scooty was staying at. After hearing Scooty's story, the woman decided that she would be the perfect mom for the little pup. Without waiting for paperwork, Scooty's new mom decided to take her back to California.

Once they were back in the states, Scooty and her mom sought out professional opinions on Scooty's injury. Almost every doctor told Scooty's mom that the dog would never be able to walk again. Scooty and her mom did not like that answer at all and were both determined to prove everyone wrong.

Scotty's mom found the best therapy options for the happy dog and they set to work on repairing the damage that had been done to Scooty's legs. Through acupuncture and lots of hydrotherapy, Scooty's legs, slowly but surely, started to work again. While she still enjoyed scooting around, Scooty started to take her first steps in many years.

Scooty was even given a custom doggie wheelchair so she could get around freely, especially when she was out and about for long periods of time. Through all of the therapy and trials, Scooty never lost her smile or her joy. Scooty was just thankful to be alive and to have a mother that loved her. It was her joyful demeanor and determined spirit that won her the title of the "Happiest Dog On Earth."

Scooty never thought she was different than any other dog and could keep up with the best of them. Eventually, Scooty was able to walk without the help of her wheelchair and to everyone's surprise, Scooty's tail even started wagging again. Scooty defied every single obstacle that was put in front of her. Scooty may have been able to walk again but, sometimes, she still enjoyed scooting around without her legs. Scooty is the perfect picture of what it looks like to never give up! Watch the video below to see Scooty's incredible journey.

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