Does Your Dog Lick You? You Can Learn The ‘Why’ Behind Those Sweet Kisses From Your Favorite Friend

October 20, 2017

If you’ve ever owned a dog, then consider yourself lucky. You’re one of the special people who have been loved-on, cuddled-with, and chased-after by what truly is “Man’s Best Friend.” One of the most evident ways that dogs show their love toward their owners is through a lick.

If you’re wondering what in the world your dogs are thinking when they’re busy kissing all of your worries away, here are some of our best guesses. Do you agree that these loving animals are worthy of the title, ‘Man’s Best Friend?’

#1 - They’re mimicking their first example of love.

Before your furry friends are big enough to love you, they learn love from their mamas! When a mama dog gives birth, the very first thing she does is lick her babies. That’s because she is nurturing them and comforting their needs. Puppies immediately learn how to be soothed and this example of love becomes a deep-rooted pattern for expressing love.

#2 - A kiss for a kiss

If you’re anything like me, a kiss from your dog will immediately cheer you up and put you on Cloud Nine. Think about it; your pup loves on you with a simple lick; you love on your pup with caresses. Then your pup loves on you harder with more licks, a waggy tail, and gentle nudges, and before you know it you’re practically singing love songs over your dog in a voice that can only be described as “powerful.”

#3 - Doggy Licks = Endorphins

Think about the things in life that make your brain feel happy: delicious foods, fun family times, a good joke. Just like humans, dogs experience a release of Endorphins (happy hormones) each time they feel contentment. When they’re licking their favorite humans, you can bet their puppy-brains are sending off hundreds of thousands of the happy little hormones. And if your dog is really delighted, odds are you’ll even get a true smile!

#4 - They’re submitting.

Many people don’t realize this, but dogs lick their owners significantly more when they’re hungry. In the wild (and even in domestic environments), puppies will lick their mama’s mouth to let them know they’re ready for food. It’s a natural way for them to let her know that they’re needing something, that they’re submitting and reliant on someone else to fulfill their needs. When dogs lick you, they are acknowledging that you are in control.

#5 - They’re ready to party!

Have you been at the dinner table when, all of a sudden, you feel something wet on your hand? You look down only to see two big eyes and a wagging tail. Then, a couple of moments later, you feel that same soft, wet, warm nudge again? Your dog is simply trying to get you away from the table for a quick game of fetch or chase! They think, “Who could resist a slobbery wet kiss?”

#6 - They are unconditionally in love with you!

Dogs are simple animals and that’s why we love them! They might not be able to talk, but I think we can all agree that a slobbery kiss from our favorite four-legged friend speaks more than words ever could.

So you see, it’s actually all pretty simple: dogs lick you because they genuinely love you! In fact, love is intricately woven into every fiber of a dog’s being. That explains why they are constantly expressing their devotion in that simple act we all know so well - a sweet, slobbery kiss! So, I would say, “Yes,” dogs really are man’s best friend!

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