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They Thought They Were Too Late To Save Her. Then They Saw It . . .

September 12, 2018

Not all rescue stories turn out the way you hope. Sometimes the pup or kitten or other suffering animal is too far gone for the rescuers to do anything to save them. It is a heartbreaking occurrence and it must be a heavy burden for such devoted animal-lovers to carry.

That's exactly what the team from Animal Aid Unlimited fear as they come upon the lifeless body of a beautiful cream-colored doggy that lies motionless, in a heap, in the middle of a road.

Not a muscle moves and the rescuers fear the worst. Then, something happens that floods them with hope. A nearly imperceptible flicker of an eyelid and then the weak, labored rise of the pup's chest - and they know they still have a chance!!

Gently petting the stricken sweetheart, soothing her distress, the kind man reassures the girl that they are here to help. Without so much as a whimper of protest, the pooch puts her trust in the kindhearted gentlemen who wants nothing more than to make her feel better.

As they tenderly lift her off the ground, they are overcome with emotion at the plight of this helpless creature.

No doubt, thousands of thoughts swirl in their minds as they somberly transport their pitiful patient to the waiting rescue vehicle.

Soon they arrive at the clinic. There, the trained medical staff begins the gruesome task of putting the injured animal back together.

They treat her head wound and lovingly wrap her in bandages. They clean her up and give her medicine for possible infection. Then, they wait. Only time will tell if they have gotten to her in time.

For two weeks, rescuers remain gravely concerned for the precious pup they named, "Happy." She continues to be disoriented and sleeps most of the time. They are worried that the head trauma has resulted in permanent brain damage and that she will never return to her former self.

Then, one week later, everything changes. After her lengthy rehabilitation period, Happy begins to bounce back. She makes a tremendous breakthrough and turns the dark corner toward a new, bright future.

The team is so relieved that their efforts to save this courageous canine have been successful and they rejoice at the sight of Happy now!

With barely a scar to show for her ordeal, she looks nothing like the pitiful creature they had taken in just a few short weeks ago. Not only is this happy girl back on her feet, she is also frolicking around with her new doggy pals in the sanctuary created for miracle dogs just like her!

Here, she will continue to get the care she needs and the love she's so desperately been longing for.

Never again will she have to worry about wandering alone on the streets with nowhere to turn in times of trouble. From this day forward, Happy will live out her life in the company of people - and pets - who truly appreciate the gift of life and know what it's like to have a second chance.

To see the gripping story of Happy's trauma and redemption, watch the video, below.

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