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Rescue Pup Drags New Blanket Through The Dirt To The Street, Next Day Owners Saw Why And Couldn't Hold Back The Tears

August 01, 2017

Animals have a beautiful tendency to demonstrate much more empathy than we give them credit for. Dogs, in particular, are able to connect with people and animals alike on a deep emotional level that cannot be duplicated. Rescue dogs, especially, bond with their rescuers and new families in such a way that you might swear they were human at times. The dog in this story was rescued from the streets and displayed such empathy one afternoon that her owners couldn't believe their eyes.

Lana, the dog, was found on the streets by rescue teams and taken to a shelter. It did not take long for a new mom by the name of Suelen to find the pup online and rush to the shelter to adopt her. Suelen and her fiancé were so excited to add Lana to their family and, needless to say, Lana was more than grateful to go from her life on the streets to a life of love in her new home. Lana even got her own dog house in a yard where she could run and play for hours. One evening, before bed, Lana received a new blanket to keep her warm while she slept. Suelen bid the dog goodnight and went to bed herself.


The next morning, Suelen came out to check on Lana only to discover that the dog had dragged her new blanket thought the dirt and pushed through the fence onto the street. When Suelen went to see why Lana had done such a thing she realized that her loving pup had seen a homeless dog on the other side of the fence and shared her blanket with it. Lana had not forgotten where she came from and wanted to share the love that she had received with the homeless dog. Suelen was moved to tears by the display of compassion Lana had shown and we all could learn a valuable lesson about empathy from Lana. Watch the slideshow below to see more pictures of Lana, her family, and her amazing act of kindness.

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