Dog Found In Burning House, Lying On Top Of 4 Tiny Kittens To Keep Them Safe From The Scorching Flames

October 30, 2017

When firefighters arrived on the scene at a home in Melbourne, Australia, they saw the family had escaped safely with one of their dogs, Barney, but the other, however, was trapped inside the house. Firefighters quickly rushed in to save the beloved pet, Leo, as the family waited anxiously outside their home for rescuers to find him.

Firefighters began to search the house with no luck, going from room to room until finally, in one of the bedrooms, they were shocked to find the dog unconscious. They knew they didn't have much time so they began to move even more quickly to get him out safely.

To everyone’s shock, when they picked up the unconscious dog, they discovered an even bigger surprise. Leo had been lying on the family’s four kittens to protect them from the fire. Now, with no time to lose, firefighters rushed Leo and the kittens out of the burning house.

Once outside, they were able to revive the heroic dog by giving him oxygen. Thanks to Leo's effort the kittens all survived. Love sees no barriers. Leo knew he had to do something to save the lives of his kitten siblings. What an amazing story!

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