Dog Hadn't Seen His Mom In Days, When He Hears Her Voice On The Phone His Reaction Was Priceless

August 01, 2017

While most all animals are lovable, it is hard to compete with the love of a dog. Dogs seem to know exactly what to do to make us feel better no matter what is going on in our lives. The best part is, we get to return that love every day. Dogs develop close bonds with their owners, often times becoming best friends. The dog in this story had a best friend, his mom, that went away on a business trip. When he finally heard her voice again he could not contain his excitement.

One day, Stanley, the dog, heard that his mom was going out of town for a little while. He did not take the news well because he knew that he could not go with her. Stanley's dad assured him that they were going to have a good time even when mom was away. So, Stanley put on a brave face and let his mom leave for her trip. The first few days were good but, eventually, Stanley couldn't stand being away from his mom anymore. The dog was sad and his dad couldn't seem to help him. Then, one day, Stanley's dad got an idea.

Stanley's dad brought him into the living room the following day for a surprise. The dog was still a little sad but excited at the prospect of a surprise. The dad dialed a number on his phone and put it on speaker. The dog waited and then, out of the phone, came the voice of his mom! The dog howled in what could only be described as a joyful song as he listened to his mom talk to him. Stanley's mom assured him that she would be home soon and by the time the call was over, Stanley was all smiles. Watch the video below to witness the adorable phone call!

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