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Dog Has Issues Getting Tennis Ball On Top Of His Cage. The Solution Is Simpler Than He Thinks [VIDEO]

May 24, 2017

Have you ever overthought a simple problem? You went up to a door and no matter how hard you pulled, it just would not open. Little did you know that if you had just pushed the door, it would have opened with ease. Or maybe you got in the car and no matter how much gas you gave it, the car just would not move? If you had just looked down you would have seen the parking break was on. 

Overthinking a problem is easy, which was definitely the case with this dog and his tennis ball. The dog just wanted to play with his ball but someone had the audacity to put him in his cage. To make matters worse, they placed his beloved tennis balls on top of the cage. He could see them but no matter how hard he tried, the tennis balls were unattainable. 

Who would have played such a dirty trick on the lovable dog? Well, it wasn't really a trick at all, considering the people left the cage door wide open. Instead of trying so hard, the dog simply had to walk out to get his ball. Apparently, no one told him that because he eventually laid down in defeat. So close, yet so far! 

WATCH the dog and his hysterical struggle in the video below! 

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