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Suffering Agonizing Pain From Jagged Jar Gouging His Neck, Desperate Dog Frantically Searches For Help . . . Before Time Runs Out

November 16, 2018

Witnesses say he had been running around with the jar on his neck for weeks. Not only did the cruel collar restrict his ability to move his head, but there was also an even more urgent concern. The sharp edges had been cutting into his skin and had caused deep wounds over the length of his neck.

As the injured flesh began to swell, the constricted canine was losing his ability to breathe and swallow. It was only a matter of time before he would be in real danger of losing his life! When rescuers were alerted to the poor pup's predicament, they had a real challenge on their hands. Every time they approached the fellow, he darted away, out of his mind with panic and fear.

It took longer than they had hoped, but they finally got ahold of the frenzied fellow and had him on his way to the veterinary clinic for help. One look at the pitiful pup and doctors knew that the object would not come off without surgery. As they prepped him for the operation, surgeons mapped out their plan of action for restoring the injured animal to his former good health.

The lengthy surgery resulted in the embedded object successfully being removed from the dog's neck - but that wasn't all they had on their plates. The wounds the unforgiving device had inflicted on the pup were devastating and difficult to repair. He was left with gaping wounds where the sharp edges of the jar had dug into his flesh and it took all the talents of the surgical team to get the edges of his skin joined up again.

Once the patient was stabilized a caring volunteer took the pup home with her for the remainder of his recovery. Then, weeks later, the best news of all!

Dedicated rescuers had been searching far and wide to find the perfect home for the reborn animal who had been through so much. And, lo-and-behold, they found just the right people to be his forever family!

Not only would the long-suffering sweetheart now have human parents to look after him for the rest of his life, but he also got an unexpected bonus with the deal. Two four-legged siblings were already part of the family and were eagerly getting ready to welcome their new fur-brother to the happy family!

What a heartwarming turnaround for this pup!! I shudder to think about how he was suffering just a few short weeks ago - barely living, in agonizing pain, and THIS close to death. Now, thanks to the dedicated professionals and compassionate volunteers who saved him from impending doom, he has a new lease on life.

With the devotion of his human parents and the friendship of his canine brothers, this fellow will never again have to worry about being alone, hurt, and scared for his life. From this point forward, he will always have a loving family to help him through everything that lies ahead.

To see more about this lucky pooch's amazing journey, watch the video, below.

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