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Dog Incessantly Whines Throughout The Night. Moments Later, Mom Realizes It’s A Massive Warning And She Must Act Quickly

March 28, 2018

It can often be easy to take our pets for granted. They lovingly greet us when we arrive home, keep us company day in and day out, and are always there to listen to the ups and downs we face in life.

Sometimes, pets go above and beyond the call in times of danger and can gain the title of hero in the blink of an eye. One family, in particular, knows this to be very true. Without the persistence of their beloved Great Dane named Titan, they wouldn’t be alive today.

One night as the Buehring family was snoozing peacefully in their beds, Titan was troubled. He frantically began pacing the floors, whining and crying loudly. Mother, Susan Buehring, was startled awake by the incessant noises. Her three children were sleeping, and she knew that if Titan continued with his racket, the children would wake.

Her husband, Erich, quickly got up to hush the troubled dog. Nothing seemed to console him. This was highly uncharacteristic of their canine so he knew something must be up. When he walked into the dining room, he instantly noticed the cause of the dog’s troubled demeanor. Smoke blanketed the entire living room and dining room as flames popped and crackled.

He sprang into action and immediately yelled for Susan. Thankfully, both Erich and Susan had a great deal of emergency training and knew just what to do in this type of situation. They quickly woke the children and got everyone, including Titan, safely outside and out of harm’s way.

The cause of the incident is still unknown, but one thing is for certain: without Titan, there would be no more of the Buehring family. They are forever indebted to their beloved canine and are overwhelmed with how brilliantly he fought to save the family from grave destruction.

It’s times like this that make us truly appreciate the blessing of pets. Not only are they are a friend, but they’re family and will do anything in their power to save those they love.


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