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Dog is Found On The Beach With Massive Tumor. He Is Finally Rescued And Gets A Transformation Of His Life

August 28, 2017

Usually, a day on the beach is filled with surf, sun, and swimsuits but not for one beachgoer in California who had been abandoned on the beach by his owner. When Henry, a golden retriever, was found on a California beach by animal rescuers they were not sure what to do with him. To everyone's shock, Henry had a 46-pound tumor on the side of his belly, you couldn't miss it. The tumor is so large that his legs struggled to support his body, and made walking nearly impossible for the poor guy.

Henry was reported to animal control because beach goers were concerned for the dog and knew he needed immediate help. Newport Beach, Animal Shelter Control Officer, Valerie Schomberg suspects that this was a case of neglect and that the owner dumped the dog on the beach because they didn't want to pay or couldn't afford the veterinary fees.

"He couldn't move around very much, but definitely still wanted to live life," Schomburg says. "He would bark, wag his tail, and then when you got close, he gave you kisses. His zest for life was still there. He was just weighed down a little." Despite this enormous mass on his belly, Henry was a happy-go-lucky pup who loved life.

Valerie was determined to help Henry. She was able to get a $500 grant, which covered the cost to have the tumor removed. Now, after surgery, Henry is a much healthier dog weighing 78 pounds.

We think that he's going to have some really good years ahead of him," Schomburg says. "Nothing really slows him down. I think for so long, he was strapped down, that now he's making up for lost time."

"It's not going to be hard to find the right home for him," Schomburg says. "It's going to be hard to pick one and then say goodbye to him." Once he is in full recovery, he will be up for adoption at the Newport Beach shelter. Today, Henry is as happy as ever but he can move and run and play without the hindrance of his tumor. Thank you to the rescue workers who saved his life!

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