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Dog Was Found On The Verge Of Death - Until One Woman Stepped in

January 01, 2018

What would it feel like to be all alone about to die and nobody around to save you? You would be scared and afraid and be hoping that someone, somewhere, would hear your cries and show up to help. Well, that's what happened to this dog that was on the verge of death. He was starving with no one to care for him. He had been on his own for a long time.This poor dog was abandoned as a puppy and has lived on the streets. He was neglected and hungry and in terrible shape.

One day a vet clinic found him and rescued him. They took him to the shelter to get some TLC. They took him in to start his road to recovery. You won't believe what he looks like now. When Watkins was found, he was hairless, sick, starving, and his skin looked like he had been burned. In fact, it was a serious case of Demodectic Mange (where a dog loses its hair). Watkins was on the verge of death. Watkins was found by a woman named Stephanie Smith-Justus, president of the Buchanan County Humane Society.

She said, “His skin was oozing from every pore. He winced in pain when we touched him,” Stephanie wrote in her Facebook post. “On May 7, 2015, Watkins was found. Before this date, we know nothing about him. He was found by my neighbor who alerted me to a ‘dog who was in terrible shape.’ My husband and I went to find him. He was found on the street where we live. He had been abandoned and severely neglected. My husband’s first words were, ‘He’s not going to make it,'” she wrote.

“He had an infection in his eyes, his kidneys, his ears, and a bacterial infection on his skin. The next few days saw him lose every hair on his body. He continued to lose fluids and weight. He was in the ICU for over 50 days.” The recovery process was a long one for Watkins; he had stopped eating. Doctors gave him X-rays and they found that he had a twisted bowel and needed an operation. After the operation, he ate a little but then quit eating again.

Stephanie said, “It was a scary time. He continued to be cared for in the ICU unit at Dr. Rasnake’s office. He fought hard to stay alive and thousands were praying for him. He finally started eating and he pulled his feeding tube out. This required yet another surgery to remove the “balloon” that remained in his stomach. His recovery was much easier than the previous ones and we were relieved. He 'turned the corner' and finally started getting better.”

Finally, after more than two months in the ICU, Watkins got to go home. After arriving home, he learned to play with other dogs and people, to share, and to retreat to his crate whenever he feels tired. “He loves to pile up blankets to be comfortable with his stuffed lobster and his dog siblings. He gets excited when we tell him he’s going to the 'doctor.' When we take him in the clinic, he is always happy to see the staff and Dr. Rasnake,” Stephanie said.

This story just made my day! Do you have a rescue story to share?