Dog No One Wanted Finally Adopted, What She Did Days Later Helped Prevent Massive Tragedy

August 07, 2017

If you have ever had the privilege of being a rescue dog owner, you know how much of an impact one person can have on the life of an animal. Some dogs may have been labeled aggressive but the moment they were shown love, their demeanor changed. Love and compassion transcend the line between animal and human. Often times all a dog needs is the right person to love them.

This was certainly the case with a dog name Kailey. When Kailey was brought to an animal shelter, it was apparent that she came from a less than ideal home. The way Kailey acted around people indicated that she had been abused or neglected. Kailey would often snap at people that got too close to her, which made her an unlikely candidate for adoption. One family, however, stepped in to help Kailey find joy again.

After being in the animal shelter for over a year, with the risk of being put down imminent, Kailey was finally adopted by a woman named Suzy Chandler. Suzy was moved by Kailey's story and decided that she would not let the dog's skittish tendencies stop her from loving Kailey unconditionally.

After she was taken to Suzy's home, Kailey still wanted to keep to herself and wouldn't let anyone, except Suzy, approach her. With a lot of time, patience, and love, however, Kailey started to come around. She started to take a liking to Suzy's other dog and it seemed like Kailey was finally showing real progress.

With all of Kailey's tremendous progress, it came as a shock to Suzy when the dog started barking and snapping at her, late one evening. Suzy was not afraid of Kailey but she was concerned that there was something seriously wrong to make the dog act the way she was. Suzy noticed that Kailey had gone to the front door and continued to bark so Suzy opened the door and followed the dog outside.

Once they were outside, Kailey took Suzy to a side yard where Suzy immediately realized why the dog had been in such distress. There was an overwhelming smell of gas and a loud whooshing sound which indicated a severe gas leak. Suzy immediately ran into the house and called the fire department. The fire rescuers did air checks through the entire neighborhood, including around an apartment complex that housed many young children.

Kailey played a critical and heroic role in saving the lives of many people in her neighborhood. Kailey had gone from a timid and skittish pup to a loving and caring hero dog. Needless to say, Suzy made the right choice when she decided to bring Kailey into her home! Watch the video below to see the entire news story about Kailey.

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