Dog Realizes She Passed Gas, Seconds Later Her Response Has Millions Of People Rolling

August 01, 2017

If you have been fortunate enough to be a pet owner at any point in your life than you have probably experienced some highly amusing antics. Pets have a tendency to make us laugh at the most ridiculous things. Pets also don't seem to notice some of the ridiculous things they do, like passing gas at inappropriate times. Lucy, the dog in this story, accidentally learned, one afternoon, just how stinky she had been making the house.

One afternoon, Lucy, a gorgeous white German shepherd, was lounging on a couch in the living room. Life was good and Lucy did not have a care in the world. Lucy looked over at her human companion, who happened to be holding a camera but that didn't bother Lucy. Humans had a tendency to do odd things. Lucy simply laid back and relaxed. Apparently, the dog got a little too relaxed because a silent fart crept out of her. While it may have been quiet, it did not go unnoticed by Lucy.

The dog seemed confused. She bent her head down to sniff the area and immediately got off the couch to escape the smell. Lucy could not believe that something that smelly had come out of her and she was offended that her human had caught the whole thing on tape. The dog stayed away from the couch for a while and was all too aware that at any moment another gas bomb may creep out of her. Watch the video below to see Lucy make the hysterical discovery of her own gas.

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