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Any Time A Loving Hand Came His Way, He Recoiled in Fear and Suspicion. No One Could Help Him Now

September 19, 2018

The problem of abandoned and suffering street dogs in India is such a prevalent problem that one wonders if it's worth the fight. After all, for every one dog that is rescued, there are another ten out there - roaming loose, scavenging for food, and reproducing at an alarming rate.

Why then, do these heroes do it? They might tell you that even though they can't save them all, they CAN make a difference in the lives of the ones they do save. One miracle at a time.

If ever there were a dog that rescuers could give up on, it would be this miserable mutt who was found lying along a busy highway. Motionless, emaciated, and so close to the road he risked getting hit any moment, he looked beyond help.

Instead of giving up hope, these compassionate heroes simply opened up their hearts wider and made room for this seemingly impossible case. The first order of business, though, was capturing him without spooking him. Being so close to the road, any movement in the wrong direction could end in tragedy.

Preferring gentler and less drastic measures for ensnaring a street dog, the rescuers quickly determined that they must use a net. Giving the dog any time to figure out what was happening could result in danger for him.

Approaching from the pup's blind side, they were able to get the net over him in one swift attempt. Then it was off to the clinic to see what they could do to alleviate the poor boy's suffering. His case of Mange was one of the worst they had ever seen so it was crucial that it be treated right away.

The first day the pooch was at the shelter was nothing short of traumatic. The apprehended animal was withdrawn, exhausted, and not interested in anything his rescuers had in mind. Any time a loving hand came his way, he recoiled in fear and suspicion.

It's obvious that this sweet boy hadn't felt the loving touch of a human in a long time. And judging by his overreaction to their attempts to reach out to him, it would seem obvious that his experience with a human hand coming his way meant only more pain and suffering.

Eventually, persistent offers of doggy treats are what did the trick. Once the pup moved toward the delicious snacks, the staff was able to start winning his trust. Now treatment for his painful skin condition needed to begin. It took two solid weeks of consistent applications of medicated ointment and special shampoo for the worst of the affliction to subside. But the difference already was remarkable.

Now, with many more weeks of treatment, tenderness, dedication, and lots and lots of love, this formerly-doomed dog looks like a completely different animal! His hair has grown back and, what's even more important, his smile has returned.

He no longer fears the touch of humans and eagerly shares in hugs, kisses, and physical contact of all kinds - not only from the unbelievably compassionate staff but also from the fellow's new fur-buddies.

Friends, family, and a future - things he never, ever had before, all brought to him like one giant gift. And, thanks to the dedicated professionals at Animal Aid Unlimited, this once hopeless fellow has a new lease on life.

To see more about this lovely dog's amazing story, watch the video, below.

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