Dog Rushes Into Bathroom And Bites Mom. Moments Later, She Realizes It Was a Massive Warning!

January 20, 2017

Dogs are some of the most incredible creatures on the planet. They have keen senses, able to detect a change in mood or a shift in the dynamics of the family. There's nothing in this world they wouldn't do for their family, and they prove their loyalty on a daily basis. No matter what you do, they are always eager to join in. There’s a reason a dog is considered “man’s best friend”.

Did you know that a dog’s smell is 10,000 times stronger than a human’s? Because of this, they are able to detect things long before a human is able. They also have eighteen muscles in each ear and can hear about four times the distance of a human!

Not only can they smell better than us, they also have an insanely strong sense of hearing, giving them the ability to hear and smell much better than us. It’s because of these qualities that Patch the dog unintentionally earned a title of being an ultimate hero in the Davis household.

Nola and Richard Davis made the decision to take in Patch the dog so that their children would have a furry playmate. He instantly fit right into his new family and was the friend they never knew they were missing! There was one thing that Patch didn’t care for, though - water. He despised going into the bathtub and hated when it was time for his bath. He would do everything he could to avoid that area of the home at all costs.

Atop this, the Davis family quickly realized that they might have made a huge mistake adopting Patch. He grew into an extremely large dog and they didn’t quite have room in their small home. They held a family meeting to discuss the possibility of giving Patch to a new home.

The son, Andrew, was strongly against the idea. He wanted Patch to stay forever and he loved that pup with all his heart. Because of his strong protest, Nola and Richard decided to hold off a few days before making their final decision.

Little did they know, Patch would soon do something miraculous, making them question why they’d ever give him away. Had it not been for Patch’s presence on a cold, January day, Nola Davis wouldn’t be alive. Check out the following page to see the incredible act that Patch performed.


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