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Dog Rushes Into The Ocean When He Sees Something Suspicious. When He Gets Closer, He Can’t Swim Away Fast Enough

March 09, 2018

One of the things that I love about dogs is their desire for adventure. Dogs are almost always ready for an epic journey of fun and they’ll go to great lengths if it means playtime.

This dog went far beyond any length I’ve ever seen before. After a day at the beach with his family, this dog was relaxing under the sun with his owner. Not a care in the world, he was full-on vacation mode.

But then, in the distance, he saw something that immediately grabbed his attention. His ears perked up, he shot up, and in a second he was gone! His owner shouted for him to come back, but this dog clearly had something else on his mind.

The dog must have seen something in the water because he bolted right for the waves. His owner was concerned; was there a shark? Was someone drowning? Was the dog going to survive the force of the waves?

The owner watched anxiously. Then, from the beach, he knew exactly what his dog was after…

There was a seal in the waves!

The dog ran after the seal at full speed. When the seal saw him, he bolted towards him and the dog swam the other was as fast as he could. But the game didn’t stop there! After some distance between the two, the dog rushed back towards the seal. Apparently, the dog wanted to play chase with the seal!

Judging by the footage that was captured from the drone, the seal seemed not to mind! The two ended up playing a game of chase for a while and thankfully, nobody was hurt!

Seals and dogs don’t normally play together, especially considering the fact that seals can't exactly run. But after looking at this footage that was captured on a drone, I’d say they make a pretty good little pair of buds!

Check out the footage below! Have you ever seen a seal and dog chase each other? This is just too cute!


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