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French Bulldog's Favorite Song Comes On The Radio. His Reaction Will Leave You In Stitches

September 28, 2017

Who doesn't love music and the way it makes you feel and come alive? You'll be sitting there alone, just enjoying your car ride when all of a sudden your favorite song comes on the radio. Time stands still for that moment in time. It's just you and the recording artist singing your hearts out. Hitting high notes you never thought possible, you contemplate auditioning for "America's Got Talent." Of course, when the song ends and reality sets in, you decide to leave the professional singing to the talented recording artists, but hey it was a fun moment.

We humans are not the only ones who enjoy music to the core. In fact, this French Bulldog adores his tunes, especially Adele's “Hello.” As he's taking a car ride with his owner, his favorite song begins. As soon as the first "Hello" comes out of the singer's mouth, this Frenchie starts singing right along with her. While belting out high and low notes, this bulldog becomes lost in his own little world, with visions of performing a duet with this incredible award-winning artist, and in his opinion, he sounds fabulous!

Being a huge Adele fan myself, I must say this dog has great taste in music. After watching, you'll wish you were right alongside the dog joining in on this incredible performance. It's an adorable video that will brighten your day and make you laugh!

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