Dog Sees Dolphin While In Boat, What The Dolphin Did Next Left Everyone Speechless

August 01, 2017

Animals are always full of surprises. Not only do they have a unique ability to connect on an emotional level with humans but animals of all shapes and sizes are able to connect with each other, no matter how different they seem to be. Two animals that could not be more different from each other are dogs and dolphins. Dogs dwell on land and dolphins make their homes in the water. The dog in this story proves that emotional connection knows no bounds when he comes face to face with a dolphin for the first time.

One afternoon, some dog owners that worked with The Dolphin Experience, took their furry friends out for an adventure on the sea. The sun was shining and conditions were perfect for a boat ride. So, the dogs hopped into the boat with their human companions and away they went to enjoy the vast ocean around them. It did not take long for the riders to spot dolphins in the distance. The dogs were excited to see sea creatures for the first time so the driver of the boat sped forward to catch up to the dolphins.

Once the boat was close enough the dogs and their owners looked over the side of the boat to see two dolphins close by. One dolphin swam right up to the side of the boat. One of the dogs leaned his head over the side and one of the men in the boat pointed to the dog's nose. The dolphin then popped up and gave the dog a kiss. The people in the boat were amazed by what they saw. To top it all off the dolphin leaped out of the water in apparent joy. Everyone in the boat, including the dogs, would never forget their once in a life time experience with the playful sea creatures. Watch the video below to experience the beautiful moment for yourself!

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