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Dog Was Trapped In Swirling Flood Waters And On Death’s Door, Until Police Stepped In To Save His Life

February 20, 2018

When Colombian Police arrived at the scene of a horrid flood, they were worried that someone would become trapped in the swift currents. While no human got swept up, they spotted a dog being dragged along by the water, barely keeping his head above the water. They knew that he would not survive if they didn’t help, so they rushed into action.

The officers raced along the bank, and one of them jumped inside the stream, scooping the dog up in his arms and passing him to safety. By the time they got him out of the water, he wasn’t breathing. They immediately began CPR and cleared the water from his lungs. Soon, he was breathing again and able to walk.

That wasn’t good enough for them, and they knew he was going to further care. They took him to their medical vehicle, where they laid him down and gave him an IV and the all of the medical care they could. Once they were sure he was stable and safe, they passed him over the fence to another officer who took him to safety. This was the luckiest break this dog could have caught, and we’re so glad those cops saved his life.