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GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Texas Man Viciously Attacked By 2 Dogs On Street - ‘Likely Pit Bulls’ - Left Horribly Disfigured

October 01, 2018

In what appears to be a random, unprovoked attack by two ownerless dogs, a 58-year-old Texas man is now facing the rest of his life, horribly disfigured. Milton Sturges from Arlington, Texas was out walking when two dogs attacked him. Neighbors hearing his screams notified the police who were able to successfully pull the animals off of him.

But not before Sturges suffered a traumatic mauling, including the loss of both ears and parts of his nose and bottom lip. In addition, his face bears numerous scars that reveal the vicious nature of the attack.


According to CBS11 in Dallas, “Milton was on the clock Wednesday when he was mauled by two dogs. He was going door to door handing out flyers.”

After neighbors called 9-1-1, the officers arrived in two minutes. The news outlet also reports, “Arlington police said an officer discharged his weapon and struck both dogs. Officers were able to get the dogs off the man, who was rushed to a hospital with serious injuries.


“Animal control arrived and took the dogs to a local emergency facility where they later died. The dogs that were attacking the man are believed to be pit bulls, but that’s still part of the investigation.

Police describe the dogs as:

Adult male, “Blue” (Gray) pit bull, cropped ears, fully intact, approximately 80 lbs, appeared to have chain marks (scars) around neck as if he had been chained up. And an adult female, Brown pit bull, cropped ears, intact, approximately 55 lbs, appeared to have previously had a liter(s) of puppies.” (Below: stock image for general descriptive purposes - not meant to depict actual dogs in this story)

“It is unknown who the dogs' owners are at this time as well. Police are currently conducting a full investigation to find out all the details of this incident.” Neither animal was microchipped or wearing a collar. Police are urging the owners to step forward without further delay.

Milton’s nephew, Omar Sturges spoke out about the urgency for finding the dogs’ owners. He is concerned that they may be more vicious dogs that could do harm to another unwary victim. “I don’t want to see another family go through this simply because they’re not able to find the owner.”

Please join us in praying for Mr. Sturges as he goes through the painful recovery and reconstruction process that he is sure to require after such a devastating attack.

To learn more, watch the video, below.


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