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Donald Trump’s First Wife Finally Breaks Silence On Recent Drama Surrounding Melania, And Her Words Are Nothing Like You’d Expect To Hear

June 15, 2018

In the recent days, First Lady Melania Trump has been raking in a great deal of media attention, whether she intended to do so or not. Her recent health scare had many deeply concerned, and the lack of information about her condition only escalated the worry.

Some of the worries turned sour, causing rumors in the mainstream media to swirl. These hate-filled comments attempted to shine negative light on her overall wellbeing, marriage, and various aspects of her private life.

Many of those speculations have been put to rest by the White House when they confirmed that her 26-day absence from the eye of the public was due to a rather serious health scare that resulted in hospitalization and surgery.

Well-wishers around the globe vocalized their concerns for the First Lady, hoping and praying for a full recovery. Some unsuspecting individuals made their way out of the woodwork to speak on the matter as well. One was none other than President Trump’s first wife, Ivana.

It goes without saying that any time there is a split in the family, drama can often follow. Ivana and President Trump were married in 1977 and went through a nasty divorce in 1990. Together, they share three children: Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump.

Now that her ex-husband’s current wife is being dragged through the media, she knew it was time to speak up on the issue. What she chose to voice is the most surprising part of all.

She was recently asked about her thoughts concerning First Lady Melania’s health scare. Ivana was shockingly filled with a great deal of concern for her, saying that Melania had been on her mind a great deal.

“I’m telling you, I’m really not going to talk about it,” she said at first. After a bit more talking, she then responded, “I’m really not sure. I hope she’s OK. I wish her all the best.”

Despite any rumors that might be revolving around the state of Ivana and Melania’s relationship, it is heartwarming to know that during this difficult time, they’ve put their issues aside and Ivana only wants the best for Melania.

Our continued thoughts and prayers are with the First Lady as she continues through this time of healing.


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