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Double Images Numbers 11-15. If You're Here, Then You Are Amazing!

March 14, 2018

Well, here we are...at the end of our challenge. We're so glad you're still here! These are the last five in our series of 15 double image puzzlers?

Remember: Give yourself 15 seconds to figure out each one.

Good luck!!






Did you find this set of five a challenge? Find out if you got them right.

Here are the solutions for numbers 11 through 15:

11) A bunny? or a duck?

12) An old woman? or a young maiden?

13) A set of lips? or a red/purple leaf?

14) A sketch of a woman's body? or that of a man's face?

15) A purple-coiffed lady? or penguin? 

So, how did you fare with this set? And what was your score overall? I have a hunch that if you are still here, you have a knack for this type of teasers and likely did very, very well. :-) Thanks for playing!

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