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Viral TV Star, Dr. Phil, Nearly Breaks Internet After Appearing On Show And Shocking Fans

November 01, 2018

Ahh, Dr. Phil. The day-time television dad, counselor, and friend that millions of people tune in to watch each week; the man who has taught millions how to navigate relationships; and the television personality who truly feels like family.

Dr. Phil, formally known as Phil McGraw, has been influencing his mega-audiences for the last 18 years. On his daytime show, Dr. Phil tackles both common and rare relationship problems. With his southern drawl and point-blank communication style, Dr. Phil has found himself a family favorite in the world of television.

Typically, Dr. Phil finds himself in rather serious conversations, but this year, the daytime talk show host found himself in a rather particular silly scenario.

One fan, a rather unknown vocalist named Jacob Shaw, recently sparked major interest when he took to Twitter begging a question concerning Dr. Phil; Jacob posted this picture of rock-and-roll legend, Kid Rock, on Twitter saying, “Why does Kid Rock look like Dr. Phil dressed up as Kid Rock?”


Immediately, the post went viral. Just two weeks before Halloween, its popularity got back to Dr. Phil himself. Surprisingly, to nearly everyone who follows Dr. Phil, he decided to let the joke ride out a little bit longer in hopes of shocking all of his fans on Halloween.

For Dr. Phil’s October 31st Halloween episode, he stunned fans by walking out in a wig, hat, and glasses! The audience totally lost it!


On Twitter, Dr. Phil took his Halloween costume to the next level by posting a picture, saying, “Felt cute, might delete later.”

The tweet had more than 459,000 likes and comments! Fans and critics alike couldn’t help but laugh about the typically seriously Dr. Phil! After the show aired, Dr. Phil updated his costume to match his grandkids' request of a dog while his wife dressed up as a cat. Which costume did you like better?

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