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Dreadfully Lonely Library Dog Only Wanted A Companion. When No One Answered The Call, Owner Took To Facebook And The Result Was Mind-Boggling

February 20, 2018

It’s natural to yearn for a friend. We want nothing more than to have a companion to spend our time with, a good ‘ole pal to keep us company and stand by our side during the good times and the bad.

Believe it or not, animals have the same feelings. They, too, love having a pal with whom to play. One dog named Sting had a particularly unique request for a friend, and his quest to find one took a turn he could never have anticipated.


Sting is considered the “library dog” and enjoys spending his free time at the White Bear Lake Library in Minnesota. Much like a human, Sting loves a good book and story time is his absolute favorite!


One day, his owner put out a request for children 4-8 to visit the library and read to Sting. They both had high hopes that Sting would make some new little friends and would hear lots of thrilling tales. They arrived and sat in great anticipation.

The minutes ticked by and not a soul arrived. Sting was heartbroken. Once they made it back home, his owner took to Facebook and told about their adventure. The outpouring love was greater than they could have ever dreamt!

They received hundreds of comments, and their post was shared over 100,000 times! They announced their next library visiting time and, this time, they will have plenty of library buddies. Sting now has more friends than he could count! Even though he had a disheartening event, it ended marvelously.

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