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Drenched To The Bone And Frightened To Death, Abandoned Pup Waits In Freezing Rain For The One Thing That Will Never Happen

March 21, 2018

The sight was unimaginable. A sweet pup abandoned in the parking lot of a convenience store, the little sweetheart not sure what to do. Then the freezing rain started and the confused canine had no choice but to hunker down the best she could, in a futile attempt to shield herself from the numbing downpour.

When Valinda Cortez happened upon the heartbreaking scene, she was overcome with emotion at the poor pup's plight. And here she thought she would just pop into the 7/11 and be back home before anyone noticed she was still in her pajamas! But one look at the shivering sweetheart and Valinda knew she had to act.

Her first thought was that the owner was in the store and would be back out soon. In the meantime, she grabbed a blanket from her car, draped it over the dog. Unable to leave her alone, Valinda decided to wait with the petrified pup until her owner returned.

As the minutes turned into hours, Valinda knew she needed to step up her game. Dashing into the store, she emerged with a bag of dog food and poured some into a container that she had in her car. Certainly, the dog was hungry from the long wait.

Before long, Valinda became convinced that the pup's owner was not coming back, so the woman took the animal with her. Having gained the sweet girl's trust through her kind actions, Valinda was able to get the dog into her car. Taking the displaced doggy to the local shelter, Valinda was satisfied that her new friend would be well taken care of.

The caring workers at the shelter took the pup under their wing and gave her a new name - Cassie. After all, every dog deserves the dignity of having a name!

Now, Cassie is smiling a lot these days, and why not? Any day now, the perfect forever family is going to walk through that door and take her home.

To see Casie's whole story, watch the video, below.

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