Driving Along Deserted Road At Night, Men Come Upon A Fox Having A Seizure. What They Do Next Makes All The Difference

February 06, 2018

When driving along a deserted country road at night, the last thing you expect to have to do is assist in a medical emergency. Even less likely is that the ‘person’ having the medical event is not a person at all..but a fox!

Well, that’s exactly what happens to two men late one night in Poland, and they jump right in to help, regardless of the fact that the patient is the four-legged kind.

Driving carefully because the roads are heavily covered with snow, the men's headlights pick up a most bewildering sight. A beautiful russet-colored fox is standing like a statue by the edge of the road. At first, the men wonder if he is frozen to the road but, as they observe further, it appears the wild animal is having a seizure.

First frozen in his tracks, the fox then falls to the ground having convulsions. The men, unsure of what to do, remain in their car for a short time before deciding to take action. They jump out of their car, ignoring the potential risk of approaching a distressed wild animal.

Once the seizure seems to have passed, one of the men gently wraps the fox in a blanket and takes it to their car, where it is nice and warm.

Fast forward four days. We see the fox looking none the worse for the wear. The rescued animal is curiously patrolling the room in which he finds himself, not seeming to be fearful or upset. With only a small bandage on one leg to show for his ordeal, it appears that this little guy has found a new home.

The kind humans who are with him in the room look to have a new pet, whether they like it or not! I doubt this little guy has any desire to go back out into the cold Polish winter. It’s as if he’s saying, “I’ll stay right where I am, thank you very much!” And who could blame him???

To see the video of this unusual but heart-warming rescue, just click, below.

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