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Drowning Deer Two Miles From Alaskan Shore. One Man’s Heroic Attempt Will Leave You Inspired!

August 17, 2017

All of us at some point in time will be forced with tough decisions in life.  Decisions where you have to decide to either close one door and open another or stay precisely where you’re at.  This is exactly what Tom and Trish were faced with when they both were unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer.  They pondered very hard if they should stay at their current job position or just retire and start a new chapter. After much contemplation, they decided to take on a brand new adventure together. One that was fulfilling for the both of them; where every experience could be explored and cherished side by side.  Native to the beautiful Alaskan waters, they decided to purchase a sixty-six-foot vessel (Alaska Quest) with the “Intent of sharing the beautiful Alaskan scenery with people from all over the world.”

As captain and first mate, they both used their personal talents to create a memorable experience for all their guests who embarked on their new found journey. Tom navigated the ship and his wife impressed everyone with her amazing cooking skills.  With the stunning scenery around them and the occasional sightings of bears, seals, mountain goats, and whales;  they were making memories that would last a lifetime.


One fine day they decided to journey out on one of their typical Alaskan adventures. With a few family members on board, the day was off to a great start.  Two miles off shore, Trish, a huge bird lover, spotted birds in the distance and was curious as to what type of birds they were.  Tom, curious as well, looked through his binoculars and much to his surprise, the far off animals in the distance were in fact not birds, but to everyone’s amazement were swimming deer.  

They decided to get a closer look and proceeded forward.  Once stopped, the deer headed their way and started circling around the vessel.  As the deer circled they would occasionally glance upwards at everyone on the boat.  Due to the wind and the tide, Tom knew they were in distress and that their glance was a desperate plea for help.


A roper in his younger years, Tom took a rope and decided he was going to make the heroic attempt to bring them on board.  Luckily, he was able to drop a noose around their neck and bring all four to safety.  Fatigued, distressed and suffering from hypothermia, the deer refused to stand.  Several hours later one deer jumped off the boat and swam to shore. With three left, they successfully removed two of the deer by foot and the last by a wheel barrel.  Tom proceeded to massage and wipe down all the deer, in hope of removing all the excess water.  The exhausted deer did not reject the touch of a human but instead would let out a quiet gentle noise, as if to say thank you.    

Thankfully, Tom and Trish decided to embark on this new journey in life.  Otherwise, their heroic actions would never have taken place.  Their servant's heart, eagerness to serve and willingness to go the extra mile is exactly why all four deer were rescued from drowning in the freezing Alaskan waters.  This inspiring story is a great reminder that we all have the chance to do great things in this world.  Keep your eyes open, you never know what is waiting around the bend.


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