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Drowning Dog Is Mere Moments From Death. Rescuers Refuse To Give Up, Placing Their Lives On The Line To Save Her

March 07, 2018

Molly is a gorgeous yellow dog who longs for nothing more than being loved. Living as a street dog, she found it hard to get all of the love and attention she knew she deserved, but she made it work. One fateful day, her life changed completely after a very simple, and tragic, accident.

While wandering along near her home territory in India, she found herself trapped in a well. Although no is quite sure how she ended up at the bottom of the well, it doesn’t seem very likely that she would have jumped down herself. No matter how she ended up down there, however, it was clear that she wasn’t going to make it out if someone didn’t step in to save her, and fast.

By the time Animal Aid Unlimited got the call about Molly’s plight, she was exhausted and weak, barely staying afloat. If they didn’t get her out soon, she wouldn’t be leaving that well alive. They jumped into action, and one of the volunteers began to climb down the inside of the well. Had the rope broken, he could have very easily ended up in a horrifying predicament, or even dead if he had managed to strike his head on one of the rocks during his fall.

Luckily, he reached the water safely. Molly swam over to him as fast as she could manage, as if seeming to understand he was there to save her life. He scooped her up in a net, knowing that was going to be the best way to get her to safety. The other volunteers then began the long work of hauling both Molly and her rescuer out from the deep well!

By the time they reached safety, Molly was too exhausted to fight even if she wanted to. Of course, she wasn’t quite sure she wanted to with how sweet and gentle they were to her. Her plight wasn’t over just yet though, and they knew that she was surely going to be in need of medical attention after her ordeal.

In her fight for survival, she’d managed to scrape up her paws and shred off her nails as she desperately tried to climb the sheer walls of the well. Luckily, that was the extent of the injuries she suffered! With a bit of tender loving care, she was back to being her sweet and playful self. Nowadays, she lives at the rescue where she has the chance to live the good life.