Duchess Of Cambridge Gets ‘Tattooed’ While Visiting Sunderland And The Internet Can't Stop Talking About It

February 21, 2018

It’s no secret that as of late, Prince William and Kate have been actively more involved in the art world. The Duchess studied photography while studying at the University of St. Andrews and still enjoys to dabble in photography, herself. She also had a large hand in the National Portrait Gallery’s presentation of Victorian Giants where she helped curate the art on exhibit.

She and Prince William recently made a royal visit to Sunderland, which is about four and a half hours away from London. While there, they made a brief public appearance at the grand opening of The Fire Station.

This establishment is said to be “the city’s new hub for theatre, music, and dance.” They also met with local artists and learned more about the individuals who are passionately involved in the programs that will occur there.

While meeting with one artist, Kate opted to model a bit of her artwork in the form of a henna tattoo. This isn’t something seen before on a member of the Royal Family, but it is a grand nod to Kate’s openness and genuineness towards those in the art world.

This act makes us love and adore her even more. Her sweet spirit, genuine smile, and love for her fellow man are just a handful of reasons why the Duchess continues to win the hearts of her people and those around the globe.


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