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Kate Will Be Breaking With Modern Royal Tradition If She Gives Birth At Home - But The Queen Doesn't Dare Say A Word

January 22, 2018

Royal births are cause for immense celebration in the country in which they occur. As the citizens of the United Kingdom eagerly await the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child, they are certainly being treated to an abundance of press reports about the royal couple and their lovely children, George and Charlotte.

We’ve seen stories about the Duchess’ wardrobe, speculation about Kate having twins, and of course the sex of their third child, fifth in line to the throne.

Yes, the public is enamored, and dare I say a bit obsessed, with the comings and goings of this charming young couple. And with good reason. The Duke and Duchess have engaging public personas and come across as likable, friendly, and extremely relatable.

It seems they are taking after William’s mother, “The People’ Princess,” and are making themselves accessible to their loyal subjects.

We almost feel as though we know them personally, and treat each bit of news about them as though it were happening to a member of our own family!

So, when Kate recently announced that she would like to give birth to her third child at home, many of her protective public were alarmed. In this day and age when “safety” in childbirth is equated with having your baby at a hospital, concerns were raised as to whether or not this was a wise decision. Before we go too far off the deep end about this possibility, let’s examine the topic a little bit.

Did you know that it is traditional for royal births to take place at home? It’s true. Queen Elizabeth gave birth to her three sons, Charles, Andrew, and Edward, at Buckingham Palace and her daughter, Anne, at Clarence House.

Queen Elizabeth II with newborn Anne

Queen Elizabeth, herself, was born at home. As was her sister, Margaret. There are many reasons why this is a preferred location, not the least of which is the privacy aspect.

The next generation of Royals went with the “modern” way and gave birth of their heirs at the hospital, St. Mary’s Paddington. We remember images of Princess Diana as she greeted her subjects after the births of each of her two sons, William and Harry.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, continued the new tradition by delivering George and Charlotte at the same facility. Now, during her third pregnancy, and with two uneventful births under her belt, she is considered a good candidate for a home birth.

The real reason for choosing birth at home, as Kate and William have shared, is because of all the chaos and commotion that the hospital is put through during the time the Royals are inside.

As you can guess, the press can become a nuisance when waiting for a royal birth, and their presence has become not only a safety concern, but also a matter of extreme inconvenience for the staff, patients, and family members who must come and go past the throngs of reporters and photographers who crowd the exterior of the facility.

Kate and William, who are very concerned about the trouble they have caused for other people at the hospital, hope to spare them the annoyance this time around.

So characteristic of the caring and compassionate nature of this Royal couple! And no need to worry about the health of mother and baby, should complications develop. With the resources at the Royal Family’s disposal, you can rest assured that they will most certainly have all the best equipment and medical staff on the premises to deal with any eventuality.

Regardless of the venue in which The Duchess will give birth this Spring, we are sure that they will handle it with grace and dignity. We continue to wish the beloved couple all the best as they move into the final months of this exciting time. And, needless to say, we wait with bated breath for the happy news of the safe arrival of their third child.

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