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Ducks Held Up The Crowd At A Convenience Store Before The Police Stepped In To Save The Samaritans

January 04, 2018

On the Fourth of July, Great Bend, Pennsylvania, police officers responded to a call about a group of loiterers begging for food! They had received a report about a rather odd gathering, and never quite expected to see what they saw when they arrived. When they got to the scene, they found four little white ducks surrounded by a crowd of adoring fans in front of the local Pump 'N' Pantry!

The ducks had wandered up to the Pump 'N' Pantry and were begging food from the customers. Their adorable little faces were causing quite the unrest by the people who fed them. The good Samaritans were worried about the ducks and didn’t want them to get hurt, so they called the police to come help out.


The police officers who responded to the call decided to arrest the ducks so that they could find their home! The ducks refused to go along with the police and led the officers on a rather comical chase as they dashed around the police car, with the police in hot pursuit! After a very long chase, the ducks were finally herded into the car, and the officers began to ask around in hopes of finding their family!


It wasn’t long before neighbors told them that their owner was Cindy Osiecki! She lived a mile from the Pump 'N' Pantry, and apparently, the ducks had taken advantage of all the fun on the Fourth of July to make a break for it! Cindy was shocked when she heard about her ducks' silly plight, and couldn’t believe they’d gotten themselves into so much trouble!


The cops were more than happy to return the feathered friends to their home, but of course not before they jokingly took the ducks' footprints - or would it be web prints? Cindy was happy to get her pals back, and has made sure that the four will no longer be going on any unplanned field trips! She’s just grateful that the passing good Samaritans were nice enough to feed the ducks and do their best to help them.


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