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Duke Of Cambridge Breaks Royal Protocol With A Move That Would Have Left Princess Diana Sobbing

March 19, 2018

Princess Diana was known for many things, but above all, she was known for her heart. As a woman who believed in kindness and compassion over anything else, Princess Diana disturbed much royal protocol that she was constantly urged to follow.

In marrying Prince Charles, Princess Diana quickly realized that her public role would look different than that of a simple princess; her role would be to love others. That trait that ran so strongly in her being, was passed down to her two children, William and Harry.

Princess Diana’s tragic death broke millions of hearts but today, her spirit is kept alive by her children.

In June of 2017, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, met with victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire in North Kensington. The Grenfell Tower Fire was a devastating fire that destroyed public flats and killed 71 people and left 70 injured.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince William visited the victims of the fire to show their support to the families. They spoke with the victims and shared their condolences and in while royal visits pertaining to disasters is not uncommon, what happened at this particular event was very uncommon and actually went against royal protocol.

While Prince William was listening to some victims, one woman was so shaken up that she fell towards William and held on to him. She began to cry on him while she repeated, “I can’t mind my husband.”

The woman’s husband hadn’t been seen since before the fire, and during the fire, he believed to be in an elevator. The woman searched and searched for him once she was out of the tower, but no matter where she looked, she couldn’t find her husband.

As she clung to Prince William with a broken heart, he embraced her back. During royal outings, physical embracing such as hugging goes against royal protocol. In this case, the Duke didn’t seem to care. He embraced the heartbroken woman with an empathic heart.

When the photo was captured, millions were stunned; it was such a heartwarming moment and while he may have gone against royal protocol, William’s concern for the woman was truly felt. When you look at the photo, you can’t help but think of Princess Diana… she taught her children to love the same way and it’s evident in this photo.


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