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Duke Of Cambridge Shows Off His 'Buff Credentials' As He And Dad, Charles, Share Light-Hearted Moment

March 05, 2018

Prince Charles and Prince William shared a light-hearted father-son moment in the midst of performing a rather staid royal duty, and in so doing show just how "normal" their relationship is.

When Prince William appeared at the scuba diving club to take over its presidency from his father, Prince Charles, there was an opportunity for a little ribbing between the two royals when Eugene Farrell, the emcee of the event, referred to Prince William as being "buff."

Prince William, who learned how to dive at the club when he was a boy, seemed a bit embarrassed at the gentleman having called attention to the Duke's athletic physique. Relieved when the moment passed, William was not too happy when his father carried on with the topic when it was his turn to speak.

In handing over the helm to William, he attested to his son's "buff credentials" for holding the position of president of the club. At which time his flustered elder son covered his face with his hand to hide his embarrassment at having been put on the spot by his loving dad.

Once he recovered his composure, Prince William demonstrated that all the royal training on public speaking has paid off. He was able to give an eloquent speech as he accepted the honor of being named President of the British Sub-Aqua Club, hinting that his son George would be following in his footsteps and taking diving lessons at the prestigious club.

Then, after the ceremony, the Duke joined students in the pool and got a chance to do a little skin diving and scuba diving.

Here, Dad gets another chance to needle his son when he playfully tosses a plastic crab at the group of divers preparing to submerge.

Although we can't exactly hear the words that are exchanged, we can see the huge smiles on the faces of both father and son.

I don't know about you, but I love seeing Royals behaving like regular people, razzing each other and exchanging playful banter to lighten the mood.

And seeing The Duke of Cambridge don a mask, fins, and snorkel in front of a throng admiring young people is a great way to endear him further into our hearts!

To enjoy this humorous exchange and to see The Duke of Cambridge displaying his underwater skills, just watch the video, below.

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