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Duke Of Edinburgh Stuns The World During His Recent Outing, Leaving Many With An Overwhelming Amount Of Unanswered Questions

June 19, 2018

There seems to be very little information we know these days concerning the British royal family. Within no time at all, they’ve taken over the spotlight in the best way possible, giving us a small glimpse of what life is like to live like royalty - literally.

Their entire way of living is drastically different than what we’re accustomed to, making us all the more curious. Thanks to modern technology, we feel as though we have been right there alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton as they introduced their adorable third child, Prince Louis.

We also felt like we were granted the special privilege of having a front-row seat to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s grand wedding, seeing every detail as if we were present for the wondrous occasion. While we can only live vicariously through the videos and photographs that were taken from such events, we feel closer than ever to this iconic family.

One member of the family that has drawn closer to our hearts in the passing days is none other than the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip. At the ripe age of 97, he’s seen his fair share of struggles as of late.

His health took a bit of a turn, leaving us wondering if he would ever be able to pull through. Thankfully, with the steady hands of doctors and prayers from well-wishers globally, the Duke was able to make a full recovery from a hip replacement surgery that seemed to have kept him a bit down for some time.

While he made his recovery, many hoped he would be able to get back to his usual outings, hobbies, and events as he had before. Much to our surprise, he’s doing all that and looking better than ever!

Recently, the Duke was spotted looking at ease and joyful as he puttered around the grounds of the Windsor Castle in his horse-drawn carriage. His dapper attire was quite fitting for the occasion and, from the looks of things, he seemed to be in excellent spirits.

These pictures confirm that this is the third outing in this month alone. The previous two outings were at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding and at the Cartier Cup where he and Queen Elizabeth greeted the event’s winners.

Seeing him out and about so frequently leaves us with so many questions. Will this be the norm once again for the Duke? Will he start making more routine appearances again? The biggest question of all is, when will we see him again?

We are thrilled to know that his health and strength are steadily increasing and that he’s getting the opportunity to get out and enjoy the little things in life that mean so very much to him.


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