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Duke William Contemplating Not Going To Prince Harry’s Wedding. His Reason Is Leaving People Shocked

March 28, 2018

Best friends, colleagues, brothers in arms, and brothers in life. The Duke of Wales and Prince Harry have always had a close relationship. Before the tragic loss of their mother, Princess Diana, the two got along well and were each other’s best mates. After her death, their bond only deepened.

As they’ve grown up, they’ve both played quite prominent roles in each other’s lives. Since William has started his own family with the lovely Kate Middleton, Harry has taken on the role of fun uncle extremely naturally!

Now, as younger brother Harry is about to start his own family with American Meghan Markle, it’s nearing time for William to play the role of best man and fun uncle (The couple has mentioned wanting a family sooner than later!).

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to wed on May 19th, 2018 at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.  

While the world was expecting William to support his brother has the best man, word quickly spread that Prince William may not be the best man… Since Meghan and Harry are doing things somewhat untraditionally, Prince Harry is rumored not to have a best man at all.

Shortly after that shocking news was released, it was learned that William might be skipping out on the wedding all together!

As it would turn out, the wedding happens to fall on the very same day of the Duke’s favorite event of the year: Football Association Cup.

William is a huge fan of football (Americans refer to this as soccer) and has yet to miss a Football Association Cup. Now this year, he’s had to choose between his beloved sporting even and his brother’s wedding.

While the Duke has considered ways to make both events work, we’re certain that he’ll choose his brother’s wedding over the Football Association Cup. He’s may have made jokes about attending both, but we can’t imagine him actually missing any part of his brother- and best friend’s- biggest day.

We truly won’t know until the day of the wedding if William happens to make a quick run from the reception in hopes of making the final plays of the game, but if we know our Brits, we’re sure he’ll catch the highlights later on in the evening from the internet.


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