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Prince George Has A New ‘Playground,’ Courtesy Of Grandpa Charles - And It's Not What You Think

We don’t read much about the relationship between Prince Charles and his grandchildren George and Charlotte, so I was intrigued when I came across this story.

I was pleased to learn that he is no different from any other grandpa and adores his grandkids! Take for example the new 'playground' he had built for his first-born grandson, Prince George.

Having brought up two boys of his own, Prince Charles most certainly knows the high energy and the adventurous spirit that comes along with the 'boy gene.'

In addition, the heir to the throne undoubtedly has fond memories of his own childhood and being able to run and play on the grounds of his vast home.

When searching for an appropriate gift to bestow upon his son’s son, he came up with an unusual idea: refurbishing the famous labyrinth at Dumfries House.

Reminiscent of the maze he used to play in at the Royal Family’s country estate at Sandringham, the one at Dumfries House is a work of art in its own right.

The newly-design maze, which opened in the summer of 2016, was created specifically for the enjoyment of not only The Prince of Wales’ grandchildren but also all youngsters who come to visit the historic estate.

The nearly 2000, six-feet-tall hedges that line the labyrinth, already have the power to obscure the view of any adventurous soul who dares to enter. As the greenery grows, it is sure to make an ever-increasing challenge for all.

We hope that Prince George and all the young Brits who get the opportunity to visit Dumfries House are filled with wonder, excitement, and joy as they make their way through the amazing labyrinth.

This intricately-designed ‘playground’ is sure to bring smiles to the faces of all the young people who are brave enough to give it a try.

And it’s all thanks to the immense love of one grandpa for his precious grandchild, who both just happen to also be future Kings of England!

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