Elderly Couple Approach The Dance Floor. Once The Swing Music Begins You Will Be Shocked At How They Respond!

September 15, 2017

Music and dancing are two things that truly bring a lot of joy into people's lives. In addition, it can help some people come out of their shells. Once the music starts playing everyone stops what they’re doing, faces light up, and any cares they have instantly disappear. Dancing is a universal activity that can be tailored to fit anyone, young or old. You can bet that, once the melody begins, the mood in the room is bound to change for the better.


In this adorable video, an elderly couple are at an event that, at first glance, appears to be a competition of some sort. When their names are called out by the announcer, the two seniors quickly approach the dance floor. The pair have huge smiles on their faces as they bow to the cheering and applauding crowd. At this point nobody knows what to expect from this cute duo. One thing is for certain, however: The lady looks beautiful in her green, knee length dress, and he looks dapper in his slacks and wingtip shoes. They’re the perfect pair!

Just looking at the excitement on the couple’s faces, you can tell that whatever they are about to do is something that both of them enjoy, wholeheartedly. Standing a few feet away from each other, they hear the Swing music begin. Everyone watches in complete amazement as the couple reveals their amazing Swing Dancing routine. The crowd claps to the beat of the song as the pair perform spins, turns, and even a dip! Hooting, hollering, and whistling can be heard during the entire performance; the mood throughout the room is fun, uplifting, and full of excitement, all thanks to this adorable couple and their passion for dancing. Watch this incredible video; it’s something you will definitely enjoy!

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