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94 Year-Old Man Puts In A Swimming Pool. When The Neighborhood Kids Find Out The Reason They Are Elated

August 16, 2017

Keith Davison had been married to his sweetheart Evy for 66 years when he lost her due to cancer. Keith, a retired district court judge was unsure what to do with himself and was very lonely. For a long time, he just did what he could to get through the grief each day. He soon realized the whole house was quiet, too quiet. 

Suddenly Keith had a brilliant idea! There was no community pool in his area and he thought it would be nice to hear the laughter of children enjoying themselves in a pool. So, even though it did not add up financially at 94 years-old Keith Davison decided to have an in-ground swimming pool built in his own backyard. 


More than a few people thought that he was just joking about putting in the pool. Then they saw the ground being marked and the cement being poured. The pool opened in July and the families that lived in Davison's neighborhood were all invited over to swim! While Keith and his beloved Evy did have three children they never did experience the joy that comes from being a grandparent. Since building the best place to be on a hot day he became a grandfather figure to children all over the neighborhood. 

Keith was glad that the constant silence was no longer something to contend with. Instead, his home was filled with joyful laughter on a daily basis. Keith could have stayed in that silence but chose to try to enjoy life as much as he could without the love of his life by his side. The pool users are truly grateful for what Keith has done and plan to continue to visit with him after the season is over and the pool is closed for the winter. 

Grief can overtake us if we let it, but there is almost always something we can do that will help us through. Many times it is actually doing something for others that helps us through our own pain. For Keith, it was bringing joy to the kids in his community and gaining new friends in the process. Watch Keith tell his story in the video below. I think Evy would be proud of him! 

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