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Extraordinary Bird Rescue By An Elderly Farmer

January 04, 2018

Many people love the winter months; the fresh snowfalls cover the ground with perfect white blankets while the chillier weather permits for comfy P.J.s by the fire with some hot cocoa. However, not everyone welcomes winter weather so freely. For some, winter is a war zone and every day is a struggle.

One day, a farmer was out enjoying a fresh snowfall. He was exploring his property and all of its wintery-wonder when he saw something out of the ordinary. The farmer peered off into the distance where he could see something small struggling. While he couldn’t quite make out the object in the distance, he knew something wasn’t where it was meant to be. The man started running toward the out-of-place object.

When he got closer, his heart broke into a hundred pieces at the sight of an ever-so-small Finch frozen to a metal gate. The Finch tried desperately to fly away, especially when he noticed the farmer approaching him. It was a horrific sight to see the bird frozen to the metal gate; he squirmed and squirmed but only felt more pain.

The man figured that the Finch had landed just after the cows had drunk from the watering trough. He thought that some of the water had splashed up onto the gate railing just moments before the Finch landed on it for a rest in his busy day of flying. Typically, there wouldn’t be a concern, but with the severe weather, the Finch’s feet immediately stuck to the gate.

The man wasn’t sure how to go about saving this poor bird, but he knew he couldn’t just walk away. That’s when he performed an unthinkable rescue! The man gently cupped his hand around the Finch and held him steady. Then, he moved inches away from the Finch’s feet and began warming them with his breath.

The farmer breathed softly on the feet of the Finch and made sure to hold him steady. At first, the Finch squirmed, fearing the man might hurt him. But after a couple minutes of softening the grip from the frozen water, the Finch’s feet began to lift! The man continued to warm the bird’s feet and, little by little, his feet loosened from the metal gate. Finally, after just a couple of minutes, the bird’s feet were free!

Both the man and the Finch were overjoyed! The man watched as the bird flew off to freedom. If he hadn’t been there at that exact moment, it’s highly likely that the bird would have frozen to death. We are so thankful for this divine timing!

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