Elderly Woman Hears A Bush Howling In Her Yard And Immediately Calls For Help

February 16, 2017

It was a typical sunny Arizona day when 85-year-old Gwen Maxwell was busily working around her house. As she was passing by a window, she noticed something quite peculiar in her yard. She peered closer and discovered a small, furry animal, that looked to be a dog, completely covered in dangerously spiky cactus clusters.


Upon further investigation, she realized that this furry little creature was not a dog but a coyote pup! The little pup was howling loudly and rolling around on the ground in horrible pain. Knowing that something had to be done, Maxwell immediately grabbed the phone and called a neighbor over to help. Shortly after, maintenance workers from a nearby golf course arrived at her home, prepared to help the poor little creature. Using a set of pliers, the workers gently cut the cacti clusters loose from the helpless animal.


The little guy somehow managed to remain completely still and calm during the removal of the cacti. It was almost as if he knew that the humans were only there to help relieve him of his pain. Once the coyote was free of the pain, he sped off back to his mother and the two quickly disappeared out of sight.

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