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Elephant Mother Frightened When Newborn Doesn’t Wake Up. After Several Attempts, An Underrated Hero Steps In

March 23, 2018

Childbirth is one of the most amazing experiences in life. Truly, it’s a miracle, especially in the Animal Kingdom. For a mother animal to know just how to comfort her newborn in the wild is both fascinating and remarkable.

When this mother had given birth to her calf, she was beyond excited for meet him. Moments after she had given birth, the mother elephant began trumpeting with excitement. There was just one problem…

Her baby wasn’t moving.

She quickly noticed that he was still on the ground. His body appeared lifeless with only the faintest movement of his soft breathing. Her maternal instincts kicked in and were mother attempted to move him. But sadly, nothing happened.

The mother tried her hardest to wake her baby, but he remained on the ground. She panicked; it was getting to be a long time that her new baby hadn’t moved. If she didn’t get him up on his feet soon, he would likely die.

That’s when an ordinary zookeeper stepped in.

The mother elephant was terrified but she let the zookeeper attempt to save her baby. He walks over and gives the newborn elephant a pat on the back. After patting him forward and pushing on his sides, he finally starts to move!!

The baby elephant finally stands to his feet! Thanks to the zookeeper, the baby elephant was able to get to his feet! The mother elephant was so thrilled to see her baby stand!

Thank you to to the zookeeper who did gently patted her! It wasn’t much, but he absolutely saved the elephant! While his job is to tend to the animals, he had no idea that he’d be saving the elephant’s life! He’s a hero in our book!


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