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Tourist Hits Record Just As Elephant Starts Giving Birth. Seconds Later, The Entire Herd Charges At Full Speed

July 25, 2018

During a safari tour in Southern Africa, some lucky tourists experienced a real-life miracle. As the tour was wrapping up, the caravan of vehicles stopped to admire a herd of wild elephants.

Massive in size and undeniable in power, the elephants surrounded a small watering hole. After a moment, one elephant began to walk away from the remaining pack.

After distancing herself from the rest of the herd, it appeared as though he might in be in pain. It was only seconds later that the tourists realized what was happening- she was giving birth!

The baby elephant was making its entrance into the world when one tourist hit record on her camera. After the elephant was fully birthed, the crowd let out several cheers as the new mother tried to get her calf up to his feet and help him breathe.

As she began trying to roll him over to his side, she began trumpeting.

Only a few seconds after the birth, the entire elephant herd rushed towards the newborn baby. They joined in trumpeting and flapping their ears- they were celebrating!

Elephants have been known to be highly intelligent animals. To see them celebrate such a miraculous moment was beautiful and heartwarming. The elephant herd gathered around the newest member of their family and continued trumpeting for several minutes.

The footage that this tourist captured has now been viewed over 14 million times! Check out the video below. Let us know what you think about this incredible video by leaving a comment. You can also share this story with your friends!

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