Elric Was Frightened And Alone Until Two Sisters Stepped In To Save His Life And Teach Him To Be A Dog

October 23, 2017

Elric Runner is a stunning German Shepherd mix who lives with his doting owner in Illinois. Elric loves to race around, romping with his canine siblings, and playing around every chance he gets. One of his favorite things to do is to be in the water! In Elric’s opinion, splashing around, or just lying in the shallow water are some of life’s greatest pleasures! Elric’s life hasn’t always been full of fun in the sun though. In fact, the start of his life was quite rocky.

Elric’s story begins in Kentucky, where he roamed the streets with his brother and sister. Together, the three young pups did the best they could to survive, scrounging for food in the trash that littered the streets and curling up together on the cold nights in the brush alongside the road. It was a tough life for such young dogs, and they were having a difficult time surviving.

Lucky for them, Animal Control arrived on the scene to rescue them, and the three siblings were saved from starving to death. Elric was the quietest and shyest of the siblings, so he became fearful in the loud, chaotic shelter environment. His braver siblings were quick to be adopted, leaving the terrified Elric all alone.

Elric’s time in the shelter began to run out, and as he neared the end of his time, Hopeful Tails Animal Rescue stepped in and Elric’s life was saved, once again. Elric was given another chance to find a home, this time without the threat of death hanging over his head, but it didn’t stop him from being extremely fearful. Shelter volunteers began to worry whether or not this frightened dog would ever find a home of his very own.

On May 15, 2015, two sisters went to an Adoption Show, being held by Hopeful Tails, to see another dog. When they saw Elric scrambling out of the van in fear, their hearts melted and they knew they’d found the next addition to their family. Elric could feel it too, and this scared dog fell head-over-heels for them as well. That was the day that everything changed for this sweet pup, and he found his forever home.

Although the start of Elric’s life was anything but happy, his life has become the kind we wish every dog would get to enjoy. This once-terrified stray now spends his days playing with his adopted siblings and being loved by his new mommas. Elric is still a nervous pup around strangers, but never again will this amazing dog have to fear for his life.

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